SouthPark + Belmont Pediatric Dentistry | Logo Design

Pinpointing the right logo design is a collaborative process often full of sifting through initial thoughts, creative research and a willingness to work and rework ideas. Pediatric Dentistry Logo Designs_1After proposing a round of initial designs to SouthPark + Belmont Pediatric Dentistry, we worked with to incorporate feedback into a refined set of logos.

Pediatric Dentistry Logo Designs_2In our adjustments, the dentists began to key into the idea of a cool, kid-friendly character they could use to appeal to their clientele. The more we designed and dreamed the more we were creatively carried away in the potential.

Logo Design Sketches_3Pediatric Dentistry Logo Designs_4Ultimately, the simplicity of a logo there from the beginning, triumphed as the starting point for further identity designs, but looking back, we enjoy reliving the process that got us there.Pediatric Dentistry Logo Designs_5