Quail Hollow Presbyterian Church | Rebrand

Since 1965, Quail Hollow Presbyterian has been a literal fixture in the South Charlotte community, prominently located on the bustling Park Road. However, the church felt disconnected from the growing community and the new families moving to the area. So they reached out to Moonlight to lead a rebrand in hopes of becoming more accessible and attractive to families looking for a place to worship.


Brand DNA

Our process started with a kick-off meeting in which we led the Quail Hollow leadership team through a series of brand exercises. Our goal was to uncover the essence of the Quail Hollow brand and rebuild it with renewed purpose and energy. With a strong brand foundation in place, we could successfully build the remaining brand elements so that they all aligned to tell the same story.




Over the years, Quail Hollow’s white steeple had become a cherished emblem as well as a physical landmark along Park Road. We incorporated the steeple into the logo as a way to honor the church’s history. But we also paired it with a sleek typeface and updated color palette to make the logo feel modern and current.

QHPC Old and New Logo



In addition to Sunday worship, Quail Hollow is a hive of weekly activity for its members. Our job was to organize a broad range of information and services, from servant ministry events to community yoga classes. We audited the church’s previous site, along with all of its content, and built a new site map that clearly organized the range of information in an easy-to-navigate format. We wrote and edited all of the site content so that it aligned with the updated brand voice. We also digitized paper-intensive processes, like making prayer requests available online.

Quail website



Social Media Guide

In between Sundays, Facebook had become an important communication tool for the church. But the leadership team recognized that it needed some guidelines on how to really maximize the tool’s potential. We developed a social media guide, outlining content recommendations, best posting practices, and important rules to make it easy for the network of volunteers to jump in and manage the church page without disrupting the brand voice or visuals.




The leadership team recognized that they needed a stronger takeaway marketing piece to give new families visiting the church for the first time. We helped them design a welcome brochure that outlined the most important aspects of church membership and the qualities that made Quail Hollow special.