LSI | Website

We partnered with LSI, a medical technology company based in Charlotte, to update their brand, marketing materials and website. We knew we needed to have a clear sense of where we were starting and where we were going if we were going to help LSI lead their industry. Our process began with research and developing a plan-of-action. Working collaboratively with their leadership team, we aligned the brand around an updated mission, vision and core values, putting meaningful and consistent language to better communicate the LSI brand to their audience.

We developed a comprehensive marketing plan, including a new website, promotional materials, and strategies for online marketing, content marketing, and partnerships. The LSI team’s goals were to develop brand consistency and increase overall brand awareness in their market. To evaluate the effectiveness of our efforts, we’ve met with the LSI team every six months to report on traffic and engagement on their website, blog, newsletter and social media accounts. Other success metrics for LSI include how many potential clients have requested educational materials through their website, how many sales inquiries they’ve received, and how many new partnerships they’ve made. See their full re-banding package here!