LSI | Rebrand + Marketing

When we sat down with LSI, it didn’t take us long to discover they already had a clear sense of their identity. As a quickly growing medical technology company, while LSI had strong values, care for customers and passion for the industry, they lacked a strategic approach to telling their story. We were faced with the challenge, not to reinvent who they were but instead to help them move beyond their current tactical approach toward strategic planning.

Building the Strategy

Our process began with research and developing a plan-of-action. Adhering to the philosophy “head before hands” we knew if we wanted to help LSI lead the industry, we needed to have a clear sense of where we were starting. Through a series of Moonlight-led workshops and phone interviews with key stakeholders in the industry, we began building a foundation for our strategy. Using the insights we gathered, we identified strategic audiences for our message and a multi-faceted marketing plan to reach them.

Logo Update

Because of tireless relationship-building, LSI had become well-known throughout the telemetry industry. While elements of the LSI logo were slightly dated, in order to build on current brand recognition and momentum, we recommended a simple logo refresh in place of a total overhaul. LSI’s updated logo and the resulting collateral were designed to more closely match LSI’s relationship focus, while still be clearly recognizable as LSI.


Voice + Brand Standards

We believe branding goes beyond a company logo. Working collaboratively with the LSI leadership team, we aligned the brand around an updated mission, vision and core values, putting meaningful and consistent language to better communicate who LSI was to their audience.

brand guide

Collateral Updates

LSI Stationary_dft1dFront-and-Inside-Folder-Mockup-PSD-TemplateClose-Up-BrochureEducational-Materials-Web

Website Redesign View Site

Updating the website expanded beyond simply refreshing the look. We focused on crafting a user-experience that mirrored LSI’s commitment to building relationships with their customers.

LSIweb_home LSIweb_shop


Video gave LSI the unique opportunity to share their story in their own words and show first-hand how they live out their new tagline: Dedicated to Improving Lives.



Content Marketing

LSI believes that their health as a company is linked directly to the health of the industry. Their commitment to the cardiac and pulmonary industry as a whole made content marketing a perfect strategy fit. Instead of the traditional “sell-sell-sell” model of marketing, content marketing positions companies as guides through the buying process, offering helpful information customers are already looking for (and typing into Google). We helped develop the strategy and content support to position LSI as the industry’s information expert through regular blog posts and a monthly newsletter.LSI Content Marketing

With such a strong foundation, we look forward to partnering with LSI to continue building a memorable, cohesive brand.