Incentive Travel | Pitch Design

As specialists in corporate travel, Incentive Travel Solutions prides itself in crafting uniquely personalized trip packages for its clients. When the company needed a creative team to help present the untapped potential of an incentive trip to Italy to Electrolux we stepped in to help create the perfect pitch materials. Our personal love of travel and new experiences (not to mention two of us living in Italy for a few years) made exploring, researching and intricately inventing the pitch design for this project something we were excited to share.it_it-and-electrolux-pitch_df1b it_it-and-electrolux-pitch_df1b2 it_it-and-electrolux-pitch_df1b3 Incentive Travel Pitch Design_4 it_it-and-electrolux-pitch_df1b5 Incentive Travel Pitch Design_6