H/K 180º Skincare | Identity + Product Packaging

Since the beginning of our relationship with Hunstad Kortesis, we’ve worked hand-in-hand to curate an unmistakably refined brand. We believe a brand goes beyond a logo and color scheme – it should permeate everything you do. So when Hunstad Kortesis approached us about crafting the look and feel of their new skincare line, H/K 180º, we began with an already carefully-laid foundation. Referencing elements of the H/K parent brand, we developed an identity that could simultaneously fit with current efforts as well as stand on it’s own. With a wide range of container requirements a clear product packaging system was needed to ensure easily-applied, consistent branding. With the product packaging in place, we put the finishing touches on H/K 180º with simple, yet vibrant product photography.

HK 180 Brand Board

Product Packaging and Photography