Hearing Solution Center | Marketing

Hearing Solution Center offers their patients genuine, personalized care as soon as they walk through their doors. However, this wasn’t being communicated clearly to their audience. Big-box realtors were crowding the audiology space, making it even more important for Hearing Solution Center to differentiate themselves as the expert in relational care. Hearing Solution Center knew they needed help marketing and wanted a partner they could trust to build a proven strategy.

Building the Strategy

We started by taking inventory of the who, what and why of Hearing Solution Center. Oftentimes all it takes is the right questions from an outside source to help identify and transform pain-points into potential. With our foundation in place, we synthesized key insights into a cohesive marketing strategy.

HSC Workshop

Content Marketing

Hearing Solution Center already valued keeping their patients educated and empowered to make the right decisions for their hearing health. Content marketing is a strategy that could provide potential patients important information they were already searching on the internet for. By developing a robust library of blogs and sending out a monthly newsletter, Hearing Solution Center is positioning themselves as a go-to resource for hearing health.

HSC Content Marketing

Social Media

In addition to being educational, HSC is a relational brand. Social media provided a unique platform to bring a personal side of working with a trusted audiologist.

HSC Social Media