Flynn Heath Holt Customized Packaging

Flynn Heath Holt is a preeminent leadership consulting firm in Charlotte, NC. For over a decade, their focus has been developing women and minority leaders and creating inclusive workplaces for national corporations. In November 2019, the Harvard Business Review released its HBR Guide for Women at Work, which featured five articles by Flynn Heath Holt.

Flynn Heath Holt saw an opportunity to extend the guide’s impact by creating an outreach campaign targeting top U.S. business leaders. By giving a copy of the guide to CEOs nationwide, Flynn Heath Holt wanted to spark the first step towards a longer journey of creating inclusive work environments. They came to Moonlight Creative with the idea and asked for our help with the planning and execution.

Our team named the campaign “Changing the State of Workplace Equality in 2019” and set the launch date for early January 2019. We created customized packages that included a copy of the guide and a letter from Flynn Heath Holt.

We wanted each package to catch the attention of its recipient, so we used a festive New Year’s theme. The design reinforced the adage, “new year, new goals” introducing workplace equality as the goal for 2019.

Flynn Heath Holt Box Standing

Flynn Heath Holt Box with Hands

Flynn Heath Holt Box Open

The letter pointed to the volumes of data showing that women remain significantly underrepresented, and it called for greater action on the part of CEOs.

box with letter

Flynn Heath Holt Box with letter

The letter also directed recipients to a unique landing page that we built containing more information about Flynn Heath Holt’s services and experience in developing women and minority leaders.

Flynn Heath Holt Landing Page

Our campaign had a successful turnout. Since January 2019, 66% of package recipients went on to view the unique landing page, spending 82% more time on the website than the average visitor. This tells us that the content led to more exploration of the website and more engagement with the Flynn Heath Holt brand.