First Presbyterian Church | Strategic Plan

The Challenge — Houston we have a problem

A dedicated team of parishioners and clergy from First Presbyterian Church approached us to design their 2017 strategic plan. This wasn’t just any strategic plan – the group had spent countless hours researching, discussing and debating the content of the plan and then carefully outlining, drafting and revising the text. Their goal for the design? Something unique and inspiring that would help motivate church members to take an active role in implementing the plan.


The Strategy — T minus 3..2..1..

We wanted to create a fresh and vibrant booklet that thoughtfully combined real photos of the church and its members (taken by them) with graphic elements and white space to make it engaging to flip through and easy to read. What makes the plan unique? Exaggerated forms, such as the roman numerals we used to denote the plan’s “Four Pillars,” the right combination of large and small photos, and carefully placed pull quotes.


The Result — Liftoff!

The team provided printed copies of the plan to church members and made a digital version available on their website. They received overwhelmingly positive feedback, for example:

“Just want to say once again how wonderful the general long-range plan is, but I also want to say how beautifully worded and designed the booklet is. I love the most appropriate Bible verses that are sprinkled throughout and the thoughtful quotes by noted thinkers. Also, the use of different fonts and tone gradations for the verses and quotes is very well done…The writing and the verses and quotes are most inspiring and got me excited about the long-range plan.”

First Presbyterian Strategic Plan cover First Presbyterian Strategic Plan inside spread First Presbyterian Strategic Plan pillar spread