CleanAIRE NC | Rebrand

CleanAIRE NC (formerly Clean Air Carolina) was founded in 2003 when a group of volunteers banned together on a mission to improve air quality for Mecklenburg County residents. Since their beginning, community relationships and engaging citizen scientists have been cornerstones of their advocacy.

Over the years, the link between air quality, climate change, and public health became more and more apparent. Worsening air quality resulting from daily energy use and production exacerbates climate change. In turn, climate change intensifies poor air quality.

As their advocacy work expanded into climate change and throughout North Carolina, it was time for a new brand to reflect this greater reach and focus.


Before any creative began we met with several stakeholders for a brand workshop to define their goals, establish their brand positioning, and clarify the expanded focus areas. Then, we started with renaming the organization to CleanAIRE NC (AIRE stands for Action and Innovation to Restore the Environment). A nod to their former name but with a new dual meaning speaking to both air and the other environmental issues they focus on. We then developed a brand strategy that tells the story of the organization and the audiences they serve. The strategy guided our creation of their new identity including a new logo and unified brand family structure. A new Brand DNA & Guidelines were also developed ensuring everyone in the organization can communicate the brand, voice and values across any channel.

We wanted their new logo to have a clear focus on CleanAIRE NC’s vision — air and environment that has been restored to its natural healthy state. Showing interconnected people and landscape represents the action we can take to better coexist with and restore our planet. From the western mountains to foothills to the coast, all of North Carolina is encapsulated in the emblem conveying the importance CleanAIRE NC places on protecting and defending the health of all landscapes and individuals within them.




Brand Identity Animation
For their launch event and social channels, we created a video unveiling the new identity and brand structure. Showing the new brand in an interactive and holistic way gave their supporters a better understanding of the new look, tone, and direction CleanAIRE NC would now be living out.


New Brand in Action

Rolling out the new brand started with setting up the CleanAIRE NC team with consistent brand experiences across print and digital platforms. Their long-time and new supporters could now start to see a cohesive and on-brand message. CleanAIRE NC had always been a leader in their sector and an industry expert in their fields. But with a new brand identity and marketing support, it was able to increase its brand awareness among the communities it serves.


To bring the brand story to life, we designed and developed a website that educates and inspires action to support CleanAIRE NC’s mission. With a custom filtering system within their blog we made it easy for their supporters to find and filter through the many topics and environmental issues CleanAIRE NC takes on. Each program has a dedicated page and color to help reinforce the brand family and give an easy way to identify program content. The new website structure allowed for more streamlined content that pushes relevant information pertaining to the page you are on, resulting in a better user flow. CleanAIRE NC now has an online presence that matches their needs and provides vital resources to those looking to make an impact in their community.

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Marketing Material

To further support CleanAIRE NC’s new brand, we created social media graphics, an email template, a presentation template and more to empower the team and equip them with the tools they need so they can focus on the good work they do in our community.

Social media is a powerful tool for sharing CleanAIRE NC’s mission. It allows for an immediate call to action when time sensitive news needs to be shared. We also developed a social media guide, outlining content recommendations, best practices and design tips to make it easy for the staff to consistently and confidently manage their platforms.