Charlotte Marathon Headquarters

When we sat down to map out the marketing strategy for the 2017 Novant Health Charlotte Marathon, one of the team’s goals was to do a better job of connecting the race to the Run for Your Life store and running company, which also organizes the race. To help achieve this goal, we decided to create a Charlotte Marathon Headquarters inside of Run For Your Life’s Midtown location. The headquarters would feature news about the race, merchandise, training information, and a kiosk with an iPad for runners to easily sign up for the race inside of the store.




We began the project by evaluating the space where the headquarters would live. We wanted it to create hype for the race and the Charlotte Marathon brand without throwing off the balance of the store.




Once we decided on a space in the store, we developed a digital mock-up of the fully-designed headquarters to help visualize what it could look like.




Then, we turned the mock-up it into reality. Along with other marketing strategies, the headquarters has helped increase the number of registrants for the 2017 race. The headquarters has been especially useful in helping runners (and non-runners) learn more about the race and purchase limited-edition “in training” merchandise.