Centralina Regional Council | Rebrand

Centralina is one of 16 regional councils in North Carolina. Founded in 1968, the organization’s mission is to create opportunities and improve the quality of life within the region. After 50 years of service, however, the Centralina brand was disjointed and didn’t have a clear tie to any of its departments. Centralina came to Moonlight for help crafting a new brand identity and story that would make the organization’s value and services clear to the communities they serve.


We started off with numerous stakeholder workshops to clarify the brand’s market positioning, audience needs, and essential services. Based on our findings, we put a brand strategy together that tells the story of an innovative, collaborative, and service-oriented organization committed to the belief that our region is stronger when it works together. This is how we developed the tagline, “Our Communities. Our Region. Our Future.” We brought the brand story to life by defining the brand values, personality, and voice within the Brand DNA & Guidelines.

To help Centralina emerge from the background, we created a vibrant and consistent visual identity. In our logo design, we reflected Centralina’s commitment to bringing the region together by using overlapping colors to replicate a weaving pattern. The four colors were also a subtle way to tie in the organization’s departments, uniting the entire organization under one consistent brand aesthetic.



Rebrand Launch Event
To successfully roll out the rebrand, we helped plan a virtual launch, pivoting from an in-person event due to COVID-19. Leading up to the launch, we shared employee and partner testimonials on social media to highlight the value Centralina brings to the region–value that would broaden and expand with the new brand identity.

We hosted the launch on Youtube and invited stakeholders and media to watch the executive team and board talk about exciting opportunities to connect with the region through the new brand. To make the logo reveal engaging and dynamic on-screen, our team created a special animation to showcase the Centralina and department logos. We also wanted to do more than introduce a new brand. We wanted to introduce the passionate staff behind the brand and spotlight the reasons why they’re committed to public service. We engaged Centralina employees in the creation of a brand video, asking each to share an example of how Centralina puts its mission into action.

See the full launch video here.

Logo Animation

Employee Brand Video



New Brand in Action

Centralina was eager to start using its new brand identity for everything from proposal applications to business cards. We helped set up the Centralina team so they could start delivering consistent brand experiences across print and digital platforms.

Because Centralina is both a partner and a resource, we built the website to support both roles. The homepage features a robust search tool to help users easily navigate the site and resource library. The design uses the brand’s playful colors to highlight the different areas of focus, service offerings, and a membership portal. The site also features a multi-level contact form to better connect users with the right department.

When introducing the organization to new clients or elected officials, Centralina staff needed a leave-behind marketing piece that summarized its services and benefits. So we created an 8-page brochure that features the organization’s approach, strategic goals, and department services.


Centralina had always been a leader of collaboration and area-wide problem-solving. But with a new brand identity and marketing support, it was able to increase its brand awareness among the communities it serves. This, in turn, allowed the organization to better connect with regional stakeholders and more successfully advance its mission.