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Bake For Your Life was founded to give moms an alternative to the heavily processed baking mixes lining grocery store shelves. The company believed that a more wholesome alternative could still maintain the joy and ease of baking.


To help the company launch itself and its line of organic mixes in the food market, we started by creating the building blocks of the brand. This included defining the company’s core values, tone and personality. With these building blocks in place, we had the foundation to create unique package designs for five mixes. Using imagery that we styled and photographed, we developed a beautiful website to share the ease and fun of baking with real, wholesome ingredients.




Baking Mix Series


Illustrations and Characters

Each mix has a unique hand-illustrated pattern and character to correspond to the backing mix. Below is an example of the muffin background:



The Details



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Styled Photography

BFYL Scone-080
BFYL pancakes-199
BFYL scene-124
BFYL Scone-067
BFYL cookies-173
BFYL MUffin-010
BFYL banana bread-243
BFYL banana bread-264