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When Aqua Med IV first launched, they asked us to develop a social media strategy. Aqua Med IV’s goal was to leverage Facebook and Instagram to build greater brand awareness within the wellness industry. Our team started by building a overall strategy, which included custom calendars, writing post content, and designing eye-catching social tiles.

Below are some of the social tiles and captions we created. To illustrate Aqua Med IV’s brand, we utilized imagery that evoked wellness, health, and the positive emotions that come from achieving wellness goals.

aqua_med_iv Looking great starts with feeling great. How do you nourish your body from the inside out? Share in the comments below! #qotd #wellness #IVtherapy #IVhydration

aqua_med_iv Vitamin B-12 is essential to maintaining overall health. There’s nothing it can’t do! B-12 boosts mood, energy levels, memory and heart function, skin and hair health, digestion and more. Try it in one of our IM injections or our IV infusions. #vitaminB12 #wellnesswednesday #IVtherapy #IVhydration

aqua_med_iv Some wellness goals like working out require time and patience before you’ll notice results. Not so with IV therapy! Patients feel relief from headaches and muscle pains immediately after treatment. Within a few hours, patients start to feel more energized. IV therapy can help you feel like your best self in no time at all. #ivtherapy
#ivhydration #wellness #vitamins

aqua_med_iv It’s tempting to read a quick email before bed, but beware of the blue light from your phone or laptop! It prevents your brain from releasing melatonin, a hormone that tells your body it’s time to sleep. Improve your sleep quality by putting away your electronics an hour before bedtime — it’s difficult but worth it.
#wellnesswednesday #wellnesstips #IVtherapy #IVhydration

aqua_med_iv The beauty of IV therapy is that it’s All. About. You. You decide the frequency of treatments based on your wellness goals and how you’re feeling. For most patients, it’s safe to get treatments every 3-4 days, although some choose to get treatment every other week. Our recommendation is to schedule a follow-up visit after the body has metabolized and utilized the treatment supplements, which you’ll notice as you gradually return to your baseline. #ivtherapy #ivhydration #iv #vitamins #wellness

aqua_med_iv Facing jet lag, early morning meetings or late night science projects? Whatever is in store for you this week, defend yourself from stress with our Get Up & Go treatment. It revs up metabolism and energy levels to improve your mental focus and enhance daily activities. #IVtherapy #IVhydration
#wellness #wellnesstip

aqua_med_iv Side effects are rare, since IV therapy replenishes elements naturally found in the body. The most common are minor discomfort at the injection site and discolored urine. However, we take every precaution, ensuring treatments are administered by trained professionals in an official facility under a supervising medical director. Patients can relax knowing that they’ve in a safe, professional environment. #ivtheraphy #ivhydration
#wellness #vitamins

aqua_med_iv Head, shoulders, knees & toes… a quick body scan can help determine if you’re getting enough nutrients to feel like your best self. 💯Fatigue, depression, thinning hair, sore muscles and dry skin – these are all signs that your diet isn’t enough. IV therapy can help! Browse our menu of treatments to find relief from these symptoms. #IVtherapy #IVhydration #vitamins #vitamintips

aqua_med_iv Patients noticeably look and feel better after surgery when they opt for Aqua Med IV’s pre and post-surgery IV treatments. These treatments are specifically designed to hydrate tissue, relax the body, and restore energy levels, easing recovery and warding off infection. #ivtherapy #ivhydration #vitamins#wellness #patienttestimonial #surgery