Good, Fast, Cheap

Lots of industries use this method to determine the parameters of how a project can be completed. Some wonder why every project can’t be delivered within all three limits each time; but everything has tradeoffs, which makes Pick Two the rule of thumb. Here is how each option breaks down.

Good + Fast = Not Cheap
Looking for something Good and Now? The result will not be Cheap. In this case, the project is going to cost because other projects are put off to finish this one quickly.
Good + Cheap = Slower Turnaround
If a client needs a project that is Good and Cheap, then it will have a Slower turnaround. In general, this is for projects that have deadlines far down the line.
Cheap + Fast = Bad*
Needing something Cheap and Now? For this combo, the design is going to be inferior because, without sufficient time, design cannot flourish.
The Pick Two combinations can help you focus on what’s important to your project. We want you to know that since declaring ourselves the Best Place to Work: Unofficial Micro-Division, our philosophy at Moonlight is “Pick two, but we don’t do bad work.”
In fact, we excel in doing Good and Fast work because we have an effective system in place. We are a boutique firm, making us nimble on the smaller scope projects that we generally work on. We keep it Fast because we don’t have to go through layers of management, and we keep it Good because who do you think we are?
*We only include this one to show what other agencies could do for you.”,”Good. Fast. Cheap. Pick Two.”