Thanks, Y’all

With the holidays quickly approaching, we just wanted to write a quick note and express our gratitude to all of our partners and friends. We have so many things to be thankful for like our hands (yes, the good old left and right), old school No. 2 pencils, magic wands, G2 .38 mm fine tip pens, French Paper, Pink Pearls — the list can go on and on…

But mostly, it is the people and community we get to help and call it our “job.” So thanks, to all of you – Happy Thanksgiving!!

The Big 3-0

My husband asked me over the weekend “So, do you think you’ve had a good thirty years?”

That was an easy question to answer. “YES!” I have led a charmed life, thus far. I have traveled extensively, lived abroad, and seen things many people won’t see in their entire lifetimes. I have a wonderful family, wonderful friends (and lots of them) and a rewarding career. It’s been a full life with great adventures. But the best adventures of all lie ahead.

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The Dilemma of a Well-designed Wedding

The wedding countdown (not that I’m keeping track) has reached less than a month – 25 short days until I tie the knot, get hitched, jump the broom (insert your favorite wedding euphemism here).

Planning a wedding as a graphic designer is a unique ball game. When you mix an already established habit of overthinking visual details with a plethora of design potential, (not to mention a tendency to be harsh in design self-critique) it is a challenge to create pieces you’re happy with.

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A Strengths Workout

As the wise Dolly Parton once said…

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.”

Over the last few months at MCG, with the help of the strength’s experts at Throwing Words, we have been working to find out who we are at our best (and maybe-not-so-best). As we begin understanding how we’re individually wired, we can figure out how to utilize the unique skills each person brings to the table. Each member of our team took the Gallup StrengthsFinder and received a print out of how each of the test’s 34 themes ranked for us individually.

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2013 in Review

Just when you thought all of the hullaballoo of a new year had subsided we’ve gone and given you one last look back at 2013 (you may also remember our fashionably late recap from last year). Despite any number 13 superstitions you may have, 2013 turned out to be a lucky year for MCG.Hope your year was filled with as many wonderful memories as ours was. What were some of your hilights from 2013?


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