California Dreamin’

“Today is the day,” if I may start with some song lyrics, “to act like today is the day.”

Well, that is my motif for this blog post. You may have guessed from the title and the image that I am going to be talking about California again (and again).

You would be absolutely correct. This blog post represents my last day at the Charlotte office of Moonlight Creative Group before I hit the ol’ dusty trail. After a friend’s wedding on Saturday, I will be going back home before shortly heading to California. I enjoyed it so much from my road trip that I decided it was time in my life for a big change.

Moonlight has been a great experience. I lived. I laughed. I learned. I wrote about it.

In fact, Moonlight is where I learned that I wanted to write about it.

The words about my departure: there are none. I’ve had some good times working with Moonlight on the array of projects that I wrote for or simply proofread. I come away with experiences and friends that should propel me to the future (or infinity and beyond).

I will continue to work remotely for Moonlight on occasion, so fret not if you think you won’t hear my voice again.

Until then: Hang loose, dudes.