The Crew Log

An Ongoing Anthology of Moon Musings

The Big 3-0

My husband asked me over the weekend “So, do you think you’ve had a good thirty years?”

That was an easy question to answer. “YES!” I have led a charmed life, thus far. I have traveled extensively, lived abroad, and seen things many people won’t see in their entire lifetimes. I have a wonderful family, wonderful friends (and lots of them) and a rewarding career. It’s been a full life with great adventures. But the best adventures of all lie ahead.

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The Dilemma of a Well-designed Wedding

The wedding countdown (not that I’m keeping track) has reached less than a month – 25 short days until I tie the knot, get hitched, jump the broom (insert your favorite wedding euphemism here).

Planning a wedding as a graphic designer is a unique ball game. When you mix an already established habit of overthinking visual details with a plethora of design potential, (not to mention a tendency to be harsh in design self-critique) it is a challenge to create pieces you’re happy with.

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