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The Harvest Foundation | A Peek Into Process

It’s no secret that people are passionate about their opinions (whether others are listening or not). But we know the community benefits when we stop giving others a talking to and start talking with each other. As a primary source of grant-funding in Martinsville and Henry County Virginia, the Harvest Foundation came to us with a vision to bring a variety of voices to the community table.

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Tips to finding a custom logo designer.

I think I need a logo, now what?

You’ve just created a new business, decided it’s time to get serious about an old venture or just need a change – but now what? You know you need a logo, but where do you look and what are the steps to getting something you love? Here are some tips to guide you through this exciting adventure.

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Find your balcony.

I can’t begin to count the number of times Jesse has bounded into the office saying “So I was on my balcony last night and I got this great idea!” She repeats the phrase so often, the rest of us joke that we need “Jesse’s balcony.”

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Crew on Blast

Everyone here at MCG headquarters thinks I am writing a blog today about “Facilitation by Design,” but instead I wanted to keep this rainy Wednesday a bit lighter (and it will be fun to put my team on blast –  I didn’t tell them about my little switch-a-roo until just now).

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The largest football stadium in the U.S. holds 91,704 at normal seating capacity. To fit one million people you would need to fill 11 of these stadiums.

Now imaging that you’ve filled 11 stadiums with one million elementary to middle school girls. While this may seem like the beginning of any mom’s slumber-party nightmare, you get the picture. This spring one of our favorite clients, Girls on the Run, is celebrating the major milestone of inspiring one million girls to confidently live to their full potential.
Talk about impact. 

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