A Strengths Workout

As the wise Dolly Parton once said…

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.”

Over the last few months at MCG, with the help of the strength’s experts at Throwing Words, we have been working to find out who we are at our best (and maybe-not-so-best). As we begin understanding how we’re individually wired, we can figure out how to utilize the unique skills each person brings to the table. Each member of our team took the Gallup StrengthsFinder and received a print out of how each of the test’s 34 themes ranked for us individually.

Here’s the breakdown of the team’s individual “Top 5” strengths:


As we talked through, explained and argued the validity of each of our reports, it was clear that even how we talked about our strengths revealed more about our personalities. We learned that Dawn’s high relationship building serves her well in being a resource for giving clear advice (business and otherwise), Jesse’s maximizing personality propels her to find the best solution (and she won’t rest until she does), Kerri’s input makes her a go to wealth of knowledge always giving her the right skill and know-how (canning, crafting, designing, really, her list of expertise keeps going on and on) and Hannah’s developer means that she’ll help foster a relational work environment (even if it’s sometimes just in the form of baked goods).

While we’ve all leaned about ourselves through our strengths, we all agree that there’s a 35th strength that’s missing from the list that we all have in common (and no it’s not our shared love of good food and wine). We’ve found that a key motivator for all of us is a strength we’ll call creation. We each are motivated and find joy in creating something from nothing, whether it’s using our hands, our computers or simply our minds.

So now (especially with the addition of the undiscovered 35th strength) we can take what we’ve learned and focus on “doing it on purpose” in every aspect of our lives.